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Success is a Lifelong Journey... Take the Stairs

At Grand Rapids Boot Camp we are passionate about movement.  Specifically good movement patterns that can help our members avoid injury and continue to experience success for a lifetime.

All the fancy equipment and programming in the world cannot replace great coaching. Because of this we focus on continued education for our coaches in the areas of movement, nutrition and specific skills like weightlifting, running, and more.

You can rest assured that every session you have with a GR Boot Camp coach will be the most fun, effective and safe hour of your day.


I have always been someone who liked working out but life can get in the way.

This gym is unique. The camaraderie is awesome and the coaches are dedicated. The classes challenge you to take yourself to the next level.

I would recommend this box to anyone who is tired of starting over.

Lets get it done!!!

Sandrine M.

This place is awesome! From the moment you walk in you are inspired, motivated and pushed to do the best you can. Not only are the trainers top notch, but the whole community is great! It’s like being part of a family.

Coming from someone who HATED lifting, I now look forward to going every week and constantly improving.

So happy to have such awesome people to help me with my fitness goals!

Stephanie L.

I’ve done team sports my whole life, struggled with my weight my whole life. I’ve had success working out on my own in the past, but Friction CrossFit has taken me to a whole new level.

They push you to get better, encourage you, build you up and they do it as a team. Everyone there for the same common goal! No one makes fun of anyone else.

Best decision I have ever made!

Matt D.


Grand Rapids Boot Camp's facilities are all about function and functional fitness. Within our walls, we are equipped with the highest quality equipment forged by American ingenuity and steel. We have everything you need and nothing less than the best to get us in the best shape of our lives. Our facility boasts 3,500 sq. ft of space, dedicated to both Boot Camp classes and personal training.