Rule #1: Eat Before WOD

This may seem like a very simple and straight forward rule.

However, this easy rule is often overlooked for those with busy lives. I myself eat breakfast when I wake up, and then usually don’t eat again until after my afternoon workouts.

But, I have tried both methods of eating and not eating before a WOD. For me, eating approximately an hour before a workout gives me the best results. Timing for individuals varies, but eating before a WOD usually does more good than harm.

The most important thing to fuel yourself with is carbohydrates, preferably complex carbohydrates as they will not break down as quickly and you can store them longer. For example, something like potatoes or oatmeal. But, take this with a grain of salt, not everyone has the same needs or goals.

Anyways, carbohydrates are important because they fill your glycogen stores and allow you to have energy. A great analogy that applies to this rule is taking a long road trip in your car.

If you want to go the distance and get there safely, you need fuel. The road trip is your workout! The fuel is the carbohydrates you consume!

If you have trouble with filling your tank, talk to a coach about nutrition counseling!

Click Click Click. Nutrition Nutrition Nutrition!

Weekend Warriors

Weekend Warriors

“A little over a mile into the race was one of the first more difficult obstacles we had to finish and I remember climbing over it and saying, Thank goodness we do CrossFit!-Athlete, Lindsey Swarthout