Rule #3: Drop The Ego

CrossFit isn’t something you can just jump into and excel at; many of the movements in CrossFit require skill and practice, so dropping the ego and not focusing on the weight on the bar leaves room for learning. Learn how to do the movements correctly before efficiently. No one is judging you if you can’t get a pull-up or muscle-up yet. We’re all here with a common goal to learn to become healthier and stronger together.

We all have to start somewhere and if the basics are something you still struggle with, schedule a one-on-one with a coach and figure out how to resolve what’s hanging you up in your fitness.

Click Click Click. Nutrition Nutrition Nutrition!

Weekend Warriors

Weekend Warriors

“A little over a mile into the race was one of the first more difficult obstacles we had to finish and I remember climbing over it and saying, Thank goodness we do CrossFit!-Athlete, Lindsey Swarthout