When I first moved to Michigan I was having a hard time finding a gym I enjoyed working out at.

I was hesitant to try CrossFit because I wasn’t sure what it was all about. I was worried it would be too hard on my weak shoulder or I wouldn’t have enough skill that involved lifting.

To my surprise I ended up loving CrossFit and the athletes there.

The coaches and athletes at Friction CrossFit have made me stronger then I have ever been and have encouraged me to concern my fears. I never thought I would be able to do an overhead squat, hand stand push up, or even be able to hang from a bar after my shoulder surgery.

But, now I am working on increasing my strength in the overhead squat, hand stand push up and I am close to my first ever strict pull up!

I have also never seen so much positive energy at a gym between the athletes before. The positive energy has taught me to drop my ego, to encourage others and be proud of my gain and work through my weaknesses instead of just becoming frustrated or fearful and giving up.

I’m so happy I found Friction CrossFit where I can be my goofy, weird self, lift heavy stuff and push myself harder than I have ever had before!

Author: Athlete, Megan Barrett

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