Why You Can’t Hit Specific Accomplishments…..

Over the last 2 years I have been coming to this box, I have come to the realization that you can spend a lot of time at CrossFit and learn a ton of amazing stuff, but you might still struggle to get to a place of noticeable improvement with certain movements.
Here’s the thing:
In class, there is such a wide range of movements possible to work on in any given day that you can go quite literally weeks before working on a specific movement in class that you could use more individual work with.
In my experience, what it all comes down to is this:
If you are dreaming of wanting to nail a specific skill or movement, you gotta put in extra time working on the smaller movements that give you the strength to accomplish that larger movement.
I needed (and still need!) to work on so many things.
But there are a few movements that I’ve been yearning for more than others, so I decided to give PT a try.
Athlete, Jennifer Ronan’s Experience
When I first met with Bobby, we started out with talking about what special larger movements I wanted to nail and then drew up an action plan to help get me there.  Then once a week, Bobby would meet with me to go over the movements I had been working on, critique my form, coach me on how to adjust my form, then give me a whole new set of homework movements to work on for the following week.
I happen to love gymnastic movements more than throwing around weights, so my larger goals tend to be more gymnastic movement related.
Since starting PT with Bobby, I have noticed gains especially within my core which has affected my ability to successfully handle many different larger gymnastic movements such as linking toes to bar, strict pull-ups, handstand holds, and ring dips.
Before PT I could not even do one unassisted ring dip.
After 6 weeks of PT, I can now do 4!!  And would you believe it if I told you that strengthening my core has also helped with my ability to throw around heavier weights as well?
Athlete, Joy Reno’s Experience
Working Through Fear
I work with Coach Mike and to focus on my weaknesses.
The gymnastic and strength moves I have not gotten or need to improve on and the things that I’m fearful of.
One on One
Mike knows me well and I appreciate the one on one time and that is so helpful when I’m in class too.
He understands my mobility issues that I have most days, since I started PT even my bad days are fewer than the good days!
We work on things you do not normally see in class as frequently:
Tire flips, sledgehammer, sled pulls, sand bags, double unders, T2B, pull ups and squat depth.
I have so much fun and have gotten so much stronger thanks to PT!
Into the Future with Athlete, Jennifer Ronan
Longterm Goals
In the long run, my ultimate goal is to build the strength to do that one BIG thing… you know, the “M” word that starts with “muscle” and ends with “up”.
Bobby tells me I need to be strong enough to do 15 strict pull-ups and 15 strict dips before I can realistically accomplish that goal.  I’ve got a ways to go.
Trusting the Process and being a Work in Progress
Clearly I’m still a work in progress, but I’m excited as heck to keep working towards my goals and have definitely seen progression in a positive direction!
I’m here to encourage all of you and tell you that if you give PT a try and you faithfully follow the homework that your coach gives you, you WILL see improvement.
Remember, consistent practice of the smaller movements will help you achieve the larger movements you’ve been dreaming of.
Trust a coach to help get you there…one step at a time.
Authors: Athletes, Jennifer Ronan and Joy Reno
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