Moving Day(s)

Moving Day(s)

“What CrossFit does, for 99% of the population, is allow us to keep moving, in the correct way, day after day.” -Mike Carr

Being Goal Oriented

“After a year of training there, I decided I wanted to actually join a CrossFit box. I needed more of a challenge.”

CrossFit: Not My Idea

“When I first started training with Jeff I could not do a pass-through with a PVC pipe, my balance was horrible, I could hardly squat … the list goes on and on.”

Giving Up is Not an Option

“There were so many times when I left Friction crying out of pain and frustration. I was hurting, physically and emotionally. These things that I used to be able to do felt like a struggle. I felt like a failure.”

Still Improving

“I didn’t want to try it because I figured what I was doing was enough and all that CrossFit stuff couldn’t offer anything useful to me.”

Looking for the “Next”

“I needed something to commit to. I needed something to hold me accountable. That is just the way I operate. I cannot do things strictly on self-motivation. As terrible as that sounds, I know I am not alone. People just work better when they have a support system.”-Karen Malloure

Trying My Best

None of it compares to the joy I get from showing up at Friction CrossFit and sweating along side everyone else.

Opportunity for Better

It’s that kind of community that I wish everyone would surround themselves with—a community where you’re constantly challenged and motivated and encouraged to do and be better.