My name is Rebecca Nielsen. I am 28 years old. I grew up in Kalamazoo, MI. Went to Milwaukee, WI for Nursing school. I am currently a Clinical Care Coordinator RN at Health Bridge where I help patients in a sub-acute/rehab setting. I am going back to school right now for my Masters degree to become a Nurse Practitioner.

I have battled problems with my weight as young as I can remember.

My mom put me on almost every diet you can think of. My dad used to force me to work out through anger tactic, so not exercising was my way to rebel.

In 2011, I found myself at my heaviest weight of 400 pounds. I was chosen to be on a tv show which promoted you to lose as much weight as possible in one year, using not so healthy techniques. My lowest weight at the end of the show was a very unhealthy 192 pounds.

I say unhealthy because I was 192 pounds but suffered from malnutrition.

Since then I have tried to find a balance between exercise and nutrition. However after being through such an extreme process as I was my body seems to be shocked.

I had been part of a CrossFit community back in Wisconsin and remembered how supportive everyone was there, how it felt like a family. I achieved some of my greatest victories there. That is why I chose to start the New You Program at Friction CrossFit.

At times I feel like I am starting over, but one thing to remember is that this is a lifelong journey. Through this process I hope to gain the tools necessary to fuel my body with the correct nutrition, and training I need to live a long, healthy life.

And a very kind thank you to everyone who has been so supportive already. It makes it so much easier to set the alarm clock, drive the distance in crappy weather and do freaking burpees, just because you know you’re going to walk in and see a friendly face that believes in you.

Author: Athlete, Rebecca Nielsen
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Weekend Warriors

Weekend Warriors

“A little over a mile into the race was one of the first more difficult obstacles we had to finish and I remember climbing over it and saying, Thank goodness we do CrossFit!-Athlete, Lindsey Swarthout