Barbell Club: Olympic Lifts

The Olympic (Clean and Jerk/Snatch) weightlifting has been a continuous struggle for me.

Both lifts require a great deal of strength and power to move the weight from the ground to overhead.

During this round of barbell club we focused a great deal on form and technique.
I have to remember I can’t move heavy weight with bad form. I kept falling back into my old habits and had to dial in on form and speed, getting comfortable dropping under bar at a lighter weight.
Barbell Meet
Following the end of the 8th week cycle Friction CrossFit had their first in-house unofficial weightlifting meet. I was excited and nervous at the same time because we never maxed out during our 8 week cycle, we mainly worked on percentages of our 1RM.
Fast forward to the day of the meet I was able to PR on my clean and jerk.
I wouldn’t have been able to do so, if I didn’t have great coaches training me along the way. If anyone struggles with Olympic weightlifting lifts, barbell club is the way to go.
I’ve learned a lot and look forward finding out what’s in store during the next round of barbell club.
Thank you to all the coaches.
I now know what it truly means when you say “trust the process!”
Author: Athlete, Takieta Booker
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Weekend Warriors

Weekend Warriors

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