Understanding the Screen
While in the rowing course I was able to learn all parts of the erg and the settings on the screen (in which it was one of those things that I thought didn’t matter much to watch while in a WOD) which now helps me regulate how much power and “work” I put forth in my work outs.
It’s amazing just how simply learning how to read the screen can change EVERYTHING about the rowing workout!
The additional homework assignments were helpful in the way of building stamina to help increase our endurance during our once a week rowing classes.
I was able to learn breathing techniques which I actually use for not only rowing now, but I use the same type of focus when I want to slow my breathing down in a WOD.
-Athlete, Taryn Williams
I signed up for the rowing program knowing nothing about rowing, hoping to add some low impact cardio to my workout.
What I got was so much more.
The technique involved with rowing on an erg is immense.
The programming was great! Leara walked us through the basics, and had us sweating from day 1. With practice and lots of work, I finally got to the point where I felt I had a strong smooth stroke with some power and consistency.
Knee Pain
When I signed up for the 6-week rowing course, I was more than a little apprehensive.
I’ve had surgery on both knees in the past 18 months and was worried about pushing too hard.
Leara assured me that I, and my knees, would be well taken care of, and she was right.
As Leara taught us the technical details of rowing, it became clear that, while rowing is indeed a strenuous, full-body exercise, proper technique makes it possible to do despite past injuries and even surgeries.
I found myself able to do far more than I expected, and rowing never bothered my knees one bit.
In fact, my knees are now stronger
-Athlete, Lynn Stinson
Rowing has become my “go to” exercise for cardio. Not only is it low impact and didn’t cause knee pain or inflammation for me, it sneaks strength into the workout as well!
There wasn’t a night that I wasn’t exhausted after Leara’s class! I had no idea the various muscle groups that would get a workout from the toes up to your shoulders!
I would sign up again for the Rowing course.
There is so much to learn, I didn’t get it all in the first time around.
-Athlete, Sherry Spencer
On Water
For what I thought was an obscure sport (crew), it is so much more than just paddling!
It was awesome to be able to relate erg rowing to actual on water rowing even though both are very different. I was so nervous to be out on water, but when finally being able to put together all the parts of rowing that Leara taught us, it was a total confidence booster when it actually worked!
I was elated to be able to work with the female 4 boat and when we were actually able to get our rowing all together it was such a neat experience.
It really went to show us that without everyone’s total concentration we simply could not move properly in the water.
I think at the end of our on water experience, I think we were so extremely proud of ourselves for not tipping for one, but for being able to pull through as a team and get us from point A to point B successfully!

-Athlete, Taryn Williams

Leara’s excitement and love for rowing spilled over to us in each and every class, and I’ve gained a tremendous amount of respect for and trust in her as a coach.
That respect and trust got me past my final fear: rowing on the water.
I thought the rowing machine was technical? Ha! Rowing in a boat is far more technical, terrifying, and exciting.
It was an amazing experience and the icing on the cake for the course, a course I would highly recommend to anyone.
I fully intend to continue rowing, at least on a machine and possibly on the water again, and I will continue to seek Leara’s guidance as I do.
-Athlete, Lynn Stinson
Authors: Athletes, Sherry Spencer, Lynn Stinson and Taryn Williams
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Weekend Warriors

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